Posted on: February 8, 2009 8:08 pm

Steroids: Tainting the Love of the Game

I am a diehard baseball fan and have been for as long as I can remember.  With all of the drama giong on in the media over the last few years, it has made things somewhat hard to enjoy at the ballpark.  Is the end of the steroid era in sight?

I was born in Oakland, CA and grew up idolising Canseco and McGwire; however, after finding out that most of my childhood heros were actually posers and cheaters, I couldn't watch baseball for a while.  I am back into the avid ballgame-spectator position, but I think I would (as much as everyone else I'm sure) enjoy the games even more if 'the man' would just put the steroid era to rest already!  Now it is A-Rod and...EVERYONE ELSE!  Can we just put the past behind us and get back to enjoying the sport!?!

Here is my prospective solution: give up fighting the past, because Selig clearly knew that all of the abusing was going on.  What did he do?  He simply turned his cheek the other way and continued to let it go on.  How about in all sports instead of doing these b.s. random drug testings that every player be tested on an every-other week basis?  I know that might seem like that is a totally harsh policy, but taht way no players would be able to get away with anything and everyone goes home happy. 

Let's get back to enjoying the pure love of the sport and put the steroid period behind us!  If the majority is tired of hearing about the steroid cases, the media feeds off of what we the consumers want to hear from them...turn the page and move on!

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Posted on: July 8, 2008 11:11 am

*Money Makes the World Go Around

     Out of all of the issues that are lingering in the world of sports, the one that has struck a chord with me this past week is: the value of the dollar in sports.  In the last five years, specifically in all of the professional sports, pocketbooks for athletes have been inflated to astronomical figures. 

     A few players from each sport stick out in particular with blockbuster-like deals (despite the fact that unreal contracts are a very normal thing these days):  Alex Rodriguez (breaking the money barrier in the MLB), David Beckham (MLS), Gilber Arenas (NBA).  The list goes on, and unfortunately is growing on a daily basis.  Yes, I do believe that professional athletes should be paid more than your average file clerk for the time, effort, conditioning, and entertainment that we as fans expect on a nightly basis; however, where is the cap?  Is it weird to anyone else to have one man at the end of a bench that is making $20 million/year and then at the other end a person who is making $300K?  Are these 'outstanding' players really bringing enough to the table to warrant such a salary?  In my opinion, if you aren't brining a team guaranteed championships, you should not just be handed money.  Understanding basic marketing in regards to sports, yes, having a top-tier player in your club brings more fans to the seats and in turn brings more money is sponsorships, merchandise, bla bla bla...

     MY SOLUTION: Every player should be on a salary + comission basis of pay.  Too many players bust their humps in college (or high school) to get their draft status up and to get on a good team - honorable efforts for sure.  But when players, straight from the rookie year on, get paid these unreal amounts of money - sometimes the lifestyle takes over from the actual game.  It's a shame, too, because it has almost become more enjoyable to watch college over pro, because college athletes do not get paid money, but instead play for school pride...and you can see a significant difference in play because of that.  With a salary + philosophy players would have to continue to prove themselves on the court in order to 'earn' that paycheck.    

     I do understand that some players deserve to be paid more than others.  I do understand for marketing reasons, players do get paid an extremely large sum of money, because of the business that they are in.  Consiquently, the fans do no realize that this actually hurts us and hurts our economy as a whole.  The more the teams have to dish out to bring in/maintain all-stars, the more tickets will cost, the more merchandise will cost, which turns into turns into the average joe not being able to enjoy a good game with the family, which leads into the building of new stadiums, higher taxes, which leads to people struggling to make ends meat, inflation (not natural inflation at that)...but it's alright, because when your franchise is happy - they won't leave your city (sorry Seattle...that sucks).  Most people will never see millions in their lifetime, and yet we still have to work our 9-5 (sometimes two jobs) just to make it by on the minimum.  How is that fair?  Instead of making the rich - richer...we need to bring a sense equality back to the United States, because I don't know if you have noticed, but there isn't much of a middle class to speak of anymore.

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Posted on: June 19, 2008 3:09 pm

*The Legacy of Tiger Woods - US Open 2008

     The talk of the town amongst the golf community leading up to the US Open 2008 was Tiger Woods.  How was he going to perform after the knee surgery?  Would he take one step closer to passing Jack for the all-time major victories? 

     One should know by know that whenever there is a golf tournament, let alone a major, Tiger is always gunning for number one.  He has proven to us over the years that with hard work, devotion to mastering your craft, and a will that cannot be shaken...absolutely anything is possible!  Was he born with some freak mutation that makes him a better player?  Hardly!  Tiger Woods is that best at golf, because he trains to be the best of the best.  He is the elite.  He has proven that he can beat the ordinary to be the single standing Mr. Extraordinary!  His professionalism, charisma, and overall playing prowess make Tiger Woods the best golfer of all time. 

     Just when you think you've heard enough from him, something else comes around that completely throws you off guard.  What he did last week with Rocco Mediate was nothing short of amazing.  If you have ever had the 'privaledge' of having a knee surgery, you know the excrusiating pain that you go through just trying to walk from one of the house to the other.  He walked 91 holes...that is mind boggling at best!  Rocco deserves the highest regard of respect as well, because no one has or will ever be able to say that they pushed Tiger to his limit like that in a 19 hole playoff.  Hats off to Tiger for inspiring a nation and beating the odds to tack one more up on his mantle. 

     Many pros complain about Tiger winning everything and how the field is much more even when he is not at an event...all I can say to that is that they all need to start stepping up their game!  I don't know how I would feel as a professional golfer if I had just found out the guy that was beating me handedly over the past year and a half was injured the entire!  I think he made his point and came/saw/conquered the US Open in McKleson's backyard none the less under unattainable circumstances.  Tiger, well done, now take a break!  He made a very wise descision by taking the rest of the year off.  Just like in baseball with a tommy johns surgery - I know of people that it made better and I know of people who are out of the game for good.  It will be very interesting to see what he does from here, post op. I'm certain that it will be nothing less than perfection.

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