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Steroids: Tainting the Love of the Game

Posted on: February 8, 2009 8:08 pm

I am a diehard baseball fan and have been for as long as I can remember.  With all of the drama giong on in the media over the last few years, it has made things somewhat hard to enjoy at the ballpark.  Is the end of the steroid era in sight?

I was born in Oakland, CA and grew up idolising Canseco and McGwire; however, after finding out that most of my childhood heros were actually posers and cheaters, I couldn't watch baseball for a while.  I am back into the avid ballgame-spectator position, but I think I would (as much as everyone else I'm sure) enjoy the games even more if 'the man' would just put the steroid era to rest already!  Now it is A-Rod and...EVERYONE ELSE!  Can we just put the past behind us and get back to enjoying the sport!?!

Here is my prospective solution: give up fighting the past, because Selig clearly knew that all of the abusing was going on.  What did he do?  He simply turned his cheek the other way and continued to let it go on.  How about in all sports instead of doing these b.s. random drug testings that every player be tested on an every-other week basis?  I know that might seem like that is a totally harsh policy, but taht way no players would be able to get away with anything and everyone goes home happy. 

Let's get back to enjoying the pure love of the sport and put the steroid period behind us!  If the majority is tired of hearing about the steroid cases, the media feeds off of what we the consumers want to hear from them...turn the page and move on!

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